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rozkloszowana spódnica

translation from Polish to English

We are answering a question what rozkloszowana spódnica means in English. On this website you will find translation from Polish to English of word "rozkloszowana spódnica"

Translation rozkloszowana spódnica

Translate Created by Rate Accuracy
Flared skirt [email protected] 5.0

How we are creating translations in EduKoala?

Our database is created by users who creates vocabulary lists for themselves to learn with EduKoala apps like EduKoala or MyKoala. From those lists we take translations of particular words and we presents them here. We cannot guarantee that translations are 100% correct but our algorithms take care of high quality of presented data.

rozkloszowana spódnica in other languages

rozkloszowana spódnica in Polish

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35. Spódnica - translation kilt, szkocka spódnica - translation spódnica do kolan - translation
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spódnica jest poplamiona kawą - translation spódnica szkocka - translation spódnica w niebiesko-białą kratkę - translation

What means rozkloszowana spódnica in English? How to say rozkloszowana spódnica in English?

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Fancy stitch

Fell (up)

Fell hems



Flax, linnen



Fold out

Foot row stitch


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