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piec chlebowy

translation from Polish to English

We are answering a question what piec chlebowy means in English. On this website you will find translation from Polish to English of word "piec chlebowy"

Translation piec chlebowy

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bread maker USERID5071 5.0

How we are creating translations in EduKoala?

Our database is created by users who creates vocabulary lists for themselves to learn with EduKoala apps like EduKoala or MyKoala. From those lists we take translations of particular words and we presents them here. We cannot guarantee that translations are 100% correct but our algorithms take care of high quality of presented data.

piec chlebowy in other languages

piec chlebowy in Polish

Similar translations

temu (np. piec lat temu) - translation piec (ciasto) - translation piec ciasto - translation
piec chleb - translation piec ( ciasto) - translation piec (chleb, ciasto) - translation
piec (chlep, ciasto) - translation piec (ciasto, chleb) - translation piec (czynność) - translation
piec (np. chleb) - translation grillować, piec coś na grillu (na dworze) - translation piec coś na grillu - translation
piec coś na grillu z zewnątrz - translation wielki piec - translation piec np. pizza - translation
spalić, poparzyć, piec - translation co pięć minut - translation każdy ma w życiu swoje pięć minut - translation

What means piec chlebowy in English? How to say piec chlebowy in English?

Polish - English dictionary

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